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Nursing home administration is a specialized area of medical and health services management. Nursing home administrators work to supervise clinical and administrative affairs of nursing homes and related facilities. Typical duties of nursing home administrators include overseeing staff and personnel, financial matters, medical care, medical supplies, facilities, and other duties as specific positions demand.


Mike Ayers and Becky Green 

Director of Nursing:

Our licensed nurses provide round-the-clock nursing care and assistance with daily activities to residents to ensuring a comfortable environment. We also have many certified nursing assistants and medication aids who work hard to ensure that residents are well taken care of. 

Karen Flinn

Physical Therapy: 

Physical Therapy is a form of rehabilitative treatment that uses various exercise techniques and equipment designed to help residents heighten their physical abilities. Like our other therapy services offered, the ultimate goal is to help residents gain independence. We aim to restore normal movement and function, as well as resolving problems like weakness, pain, or lack of motion.

Tawny Hinson (Rehab Co-Director, Physical Therapist) 

Paul Triesa (Physical Therapy Assistant)

Speech Therapy: 

Speech Language Pathology or Speech Therapy is implemented to restore communication skills and swallowing abilities. For many Speech Pathologists, a major part of his or her job is helping people swallow again. A stroke or a brain injury can cause loss of ability to eat, swallow or read and write. Speech Therapy works to reinstate independence in our patients through improved communication, swallowing, reading, writing, and cognitive ability.  Therapists work to identify the problem and provide treatment that will enhance the patients ability to regain these lost abilities. Our in-house therapy team provides a stable, day to day therapist to patient relationship for occupational, speech and physical therapy.

Angie Little 

Occupational Therapy:

Occupational Therapy treats individuals who have physical, developmental, emotional or social deficits that hinder their ability to participate in daily activities. The job of an occupational therapist is to aim to help individuals gain independence in order to carry on daily tasks effectively . Each of our residents are individually evaluated and given a treatment plan designed to fit their unique needs.


Adam Ramirez (Rehab Co-Director)


Dietary Services: 

Appropriate dietary planning can be considered part of the therapeutic process for residents. Our dietary division delivers nourishing, well-balanced and yummy meals! We take pride in serving wholesome, homemade food to our residents. We offer a variety of diets and several options that cater to the specific needs of our residents here. Please click the button to the right to see a full schedule of activities and for the dining hall. **Menu is subject to change based on a variety of issues (i.e. availability). 

Teresa Mills (Certified Dietary Manager)

Activities and Social Services: 

Providing the opportunity to be continually active and engaged is a key point for our residents. Our Activities and Social Services team provides activities daily for residents. We work hard to assure that residents are given the best healthcare possible, but we'd also like for them to have some enjoyment while they are here. Our skilled residents, along with our long term residents, enjoy a wide variety of games and entertainment that support emotional, physical, and psychological health.

Mikaela Petro & Karen Igo 

Housekeeping Supervisor: 

Our housekeeping division provides a tidy and sanitary home for our residents seven days a week. Resident rooms are cleaned thoroughly and beds are made daily.

Margarita Chavez 



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